Saturday, 12 February 2011


This is another post without illustration- sorry...

Do you find that, in your life, a certain series of numbers follows you around? For me it's the 20s.

My birthday is on the 27th;Stuart, my son was born on 28th; his son, James, was born on 27th and my daughter in law's birthday is the 26th.
I was married on the 25th, divorced on 29th - after 20 years.
I have lived at 26, 23 and currently at 20a.
I broke my shoulder in a fall on 20th October.

What next???


marigold jam said...

Fascinating - but No I can't say I have any special numbers in my life that I am aware of. Let's just hope that your next 20s occurence is one to celebrate and nothing nasty like a fall and broken bones - a broken shoulder sounds nasty?


Bernard said...

I saw that bruise you had after Kath told me, but I didn't realise that you had broken anything.
As Marigold says, it sounds very painful. :(
I have no special numbers, although my favourite musical period is 20's. "Flappers, Vamps and Sweet Young Things" - a great CD with great songs.
A little before our time of course. :)

Sylve said...

Jane, I hope the next 'twenty' occurence is a happy one, too!
Bernard, I caught my foot in an industrial trolley in Thame Waitrose and fell flat, just catching my shoulder and broke the 'knob' at the top of my left arm. Luckily it was only cracked so didn't need surgery but had weeks of learning to adapt to one-handed living. Did plenty of exercises and can do virtually everything I could before the accident.
Do you like Fred Astaire or too late??

Bernard said...

Fred Astaire ......and Ginger Rogers.
Inseparable! Like 'strawberries & cream'!
I have a large collection of sheet music, mainly from the period between the two world wars.
A few from the 40's & 50's but after that nothing.
I'm more of a 'song' collector rather than Dance music but I do have and enjoy the music of the British Dance Bands. Jack Hylton, Harry Roy etc.

SarahElisabeth said...

Im 20 in may, thats another 20 in your life =D