Monday, 7 February 2011


This is from a piece in a Saga magazine dated July 2010. The article is about speaking to your computer which then does the typing for you but this goes a little further.

Mind you, I'm a bit unsure how it will be received - it depends on your sense of humour.

In a post I made in January I'd found a spelling mistake which totally changed the meaning of the small ad's listing in a local free magazine index and no one commented on it. I emailed the Editor and she returned with 'I don't understand'. Instead of Window Cleaner the heading said Widow Cleaner using Pure Water in either case...

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Bernard said...

Kath will enjoy that Silve. :D
She seems to like Irish jokes. He,he.

As an engineer, I once came across the computer translation of "Hydraulic ram" as...
...a "Water Buck"!