Saturday, 5 February 2011


At last the snowdrops in the garden have opened. There aren't very many of them in each group but they'll increase year by year.

They have other names beside the one I've used as a heading - Candlemas Bells is one, Candlemas being 2nd February. Another is Eve's tears. Have you heard of any more, perhaps local, names?Please let me know if you have....
(The stray cat is sitting on the patio doorstep waiting for his second handout of the day and fascinated by the circular vacuum cleaner trundling round on its own...)


Kath said...

Funny you should post this Silve, I just noticed a little crop on snowdrops under the hedge. Since we cleared it of ivy and rubbish, I'm hoping there wil be more tresures to come.

Sylve said...

That's one of the nice things about a new garden, you never know what you'll find, especially now you've cleared such a lot of overgrowth.

Bernard said...

I'm afraid I've gone and used the same Title as you. Never mind. "Great mind think alike" as they say.
I've never been able to get Snowdrops to come up a second year. I buy the bulbs in good faith, and they flower once - and that's it!
My neighbour reckons the grey squirrels dig them up. I've caught them eating my tulip bulbs so maybe it is them. :(

Sylve said...

Bernard, if two people have the same idea that makes them half-wits!!!
Buy your snowdrops as plants about now then cover then with an upturned hanging basket or similar over winter if you think squirrels pinch the bulbs. I've had badgers digging in the big pots for tulip bulbs from time to time. Recently I watched a couple of squirrels planting peanuts - can't wait for a peanut tree to arrive!!!