Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Unless you live along the proposed route of this Government Vanity Project you probably won't have heard of it, perhaps only in passing. Campaigners against this project say the environmental impact has not been assessed, it's not 'green', the business case is based on unrealistic assumptions. There's no benefit to Bucks as the trains will power through on their way to saving 20 minutes on a trip to Birmingham from London.

It will affect people in Stone Parish as the line is scheduled to run near Bishopstone and Hartwell House, just about a mile from where I live. It's not just the line but the area which will be cleared each side of the track - wider than Wembley football pitch - but there will be viaducts, embankments and tunnels plus a depot.

This isn't taking into account the Listed Buildings, homes, businesses, farms etc which will be either destroyed completely or have to live with the incessant noise. No one ever considers wildlife in these kind of situations.

The sign at the top of this blog is the usual one which is seen, sometimes marking where the line would start to where it would end, giving an idea of the width of the proposed work, but the one immediately above here is by the Chiltern Society which represents an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - well, it is at the moment, at least!

There's a website which covers the aspects which will ruin our County for ever - do look if you have a moment. It's stophs2.org. By typing stop hs2 into Google you'll find you'll find plenty more plus a map of the route of the proposed line.


marigold jam said...

It's called progress isn't it?! All this for the sake of 20 minutes? Mad.


SarahElisabeth said...

i hope it gets stopped they are ruining what we have left of countryside. its not right

Kath said...

Am I right in believing that the people whose homes are affected by this line, won't actually be able to use the train?

Sylve said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies; the estimated cost, at one point, was £17 billion and you know how costs escalate.
The train won't stop in Bucks so if you want to get on it you'll need to go to London first, Kath. Isn't it mad?

Dutch Duo said...

I signed the petion ages ago on Facebook.... I know it won't effect me now but why should they plough up such beatiful countryside just for the sake of running ANOTHER rail line next to an exisiting one.....