Wednesday, 23 February 2011


While I was reading Bernard's blog this morning and he mentioned a repaired keyhole at the church in Sydenham, I remembered I'd taken a photo of a different kind of gate latch at Westcott Church when I was there in 2006. Once I'd searched through my different caches of photos I eventually found it.

It's a simple idea but effective with a large staple on one side of the gate, a latch on the other side which swings across and a heavy metal peg on a substantial chain, fastened above the staple, is pushed through the loop. I wonder if the village blacksmith made this.

There must be so many examples of handmade and practical items around, I really must look harder!


Kath said...

How interesting, looks like the sort of thing my dad used to make.

Bernard said...

Hi Sylve,
Everything metal was made by the smith in those days. A right 'Jack-of-all-trades' he was.
If I'd been born in those times, I'd have probably been a blacksmith. I actually have a little anvil in my workshop now. :)

I think the technical term is a "hasp & staple".
I'll look it up. :)