Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Just recently I've been stitching 'Long Hexies' from Kath's pattern during daylight hours and knitting when it gets darker - here are the results so far.I've stitched some of them together into individual patches of 4 long hexies and a pale yellow centre square then stitched four of those patches together. Most of them are not joined yet, I'm waiting until I have more sets to choose from. The bottom left individual hexie, orange with a kind of leaf pattern, came from the cover on one of the pots of jam my daughter recently brought me from Holland.

I make lap quilts which are about 45" square so this one is half done. I recently bought a nice new thimble from Cotton Patch, called a Clover Protect and Grip Thimble. It has the usual metal top with a rim to stop the needle slipping but the body is flexible yellow plastic. It's so comfy I wish I'd known about it years ago. This is the latest blanket which I finished yesterday. It's almost the same as the one I did last month as I've knitted this one in 'bars', too. Just to make it a bit more interesting I made every 4th bar in two colours so that it breaks the lines a bit. Now I'm stuck for what design to do next. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Looking good Silve! I see we are still having problems with commenting. Hope it gets sorted out soon!

Kath at Hillside

kath said...

My blog friend Pamona suggests

Don't use your Google ID when commenting - just select the "name and URL" (optional)

Kath said...

I just read on another Blog a suggestion which works for me.
When you want to post your comment and you choose the Blogger option, to identify yourself, you end up going round in a circle between the sign in page and the comment box. Sound familiar?

The suggested solution was to UNCLICK the "keep me signed in" box and the loop is broken. I've managed to comment without further problems.