Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I'd just been out to the kitchen when, as I came back to my armchair, I spotted the badger arriving early. Luckily I'd thrown out some bread but no peanuts - it was only 10 past 8. These photos are taken from indoors, as you can see, without a flash as the door was shut. When the badger first arrives it bobs and weaves its head, testing that everything is OK before it ventures a few steps then repeats the movements.
Everything was OK so it came closerand closer. He was being stalked by the kitten from next door... it's hard to make out but the kitten is the shaped white blob in the top r. hand corner. The badger grabbed a chunk of the (old) bread and trotted off down the path, preceded by the kitten, and back through the pop-hole. He didn't come back until after dark so perhaps the neighbour had scared it off as it would have seemed to be chasing the kitten. When he did he brought his sibling with him so at least the food was shared last night, peanuts included. On Sunday there were three, the last arriving much too late to benefit!

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marigold jam said...

I seem to have missed a couple of your posts - sorry. We had a badger in the garden before dark last week - unusual as though they come often at night I hadn't ever seen one in daylight. They can be a real nuisance in the garden but since this was their territory long before our house was built we learn to rub along together OK. I guess they must like bread as I think that was what mine was eating - some bread I'd put out for the birds but rather late in the day.