Friday, 1 July 2011


In June, under the title Hens and Houses I posted a piece about the chickens at the stables and their new home. Stuart is still buying Little Tykes houses and converting them for use as chicken houses. These are the latest editions. I like the 'Snow White' one on the right hand side.
With my sense of humour I can just imagine a 'Chicken Run' process when it comes to locking them in for the night...

The whistle blows.
'Line up in front of your house.'
Chickens all shuffle into place in front of their particular dwelling.
'Forward march.'
The chickens march, in step, into their hut and settle down for the night.

Somehow I can't imagine it'll be like that! Though they are being kept in groups according to age and with their 'friends'...

This one, through the netting, isn't fully adapted yet.

It's different...


marigold jam said...

Lucky hens eh?! I wonder if they check the agents ad in the Chicken Gazette to see what kind of property they fancy before electing to live there?!

Kath said...

Dont thy look cute? I can see coach trips coming to view the "chicken village" LOL

Sylve said...

I can just see them sitting in the deck chairs in the shade, Jane, going through the Houses to Let columns!
Two of them are visible from the road, the pair at the top are under the hedge to get some shade. I wonder what will appear next!