Monday, 11 July 2011


On Saturday I went to 'do' Cuddington Fete with a friend. Neither of us had been there as stall-holders before so got there much too early but better than too late! It was a day of sunshine and showers but we hoped for the best.

I'd phoned Lucas's, a large furniture store in Aylesbury, the previous day to see if they had any very large pieces of scrap plastic which we could use as stall covers in case of rain. Yes, was the answer, and I retrieved two huge covers which we split into lengths. As it turned out, just as well.

Brenda had taken unframed work from The Friday Art Group, cards and framed pictures of her own work. She had also taken bunting and bags which she'd made.

I took a couple of lap quilts, Tiny Teds, two dolly quilts and one patchwork bag.

I didn't expect to sell anything but I was pleasantly surprised! I sold three Tiny Teds though not these in the photo above. They're about 6" tall and stuffed with the offcuts of batting in the quilts.

I also sold a dolly quilt and you can see the size of that from the ruler alongside it.
But I was most surprised to sell a lap quilt - to a couple who wanted to put it on a rocking chair.
The parade began at our end of the street. Small children, with their glad rags on and wearing fantastic hats, were seated on a trailer ready to be pulled along by an ancient little tractor but - the heavens opened! Poor children, sodden with rain before they'd even started. Huddled on their carriage they were glum faced and miserable as they went past. The adults followed on foot. Then the sun reappeared, well, after some minutes...

We'd managed to cover our stall though Brenda lost a couple of paintings. The plastic came in useful after all though we were just a bit wet, too.

It was interesting to find how many ladies wanted to talk about quilting - reminiscing or How To which made the time pass. Nice to talk about something I know about!!!

Now, what can I make towards next year's Fete???

Brenda had taken a couple of photos of the stall but they've come to me by email in a strange format which I can't re-use. Don't ask! I don't understand it. Perhaps it'll get sorted later on.


Bernard said...

Nothing to do with Cuddington but we talking about tea-time and I found I had a little dittie........

"My Father, he was middle-class,
Whilst my Mother she was upper.
She always spoke of ‘dinner’,
When my Dad just wanted ‘supper‘;
And when my Grandad used to stay, they never could agree,
‘Cause lower-class old Granpa was a-shouting for his ‘tea’.
So whilst they fought and quarrelled,
And whilst each one argued harder.
All us kids would sneak away,
And go and raid the larder!"

And that now leads on to 'larder'.
In our house it was the 'pantry'!
This could go on for ever!

Sylve said...

Reminds me of a snob I worked with years ago whose father-in-law ordered a pint of beer in a swish pub at Chenies 'showing her up'...