Monday, 6 June 2011

D-DAY, 6th June 1944

As a country we're uncaring about knowing dates of historical importance.

Today is the 67th anniversary of D-Day when 150,000 Allied troops landed in France at Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah beaches. And many died.
As far as I'm aware World War 2, for schoolchildren, seems to be Evacuation and that's about it.

The Battle of Bosworth, April 22 1485, is another important date in English History - the last of the Plantagenet kings died in battle and the reign of the Tudors began. Who remembers? Who cares?

The second battle of El Alamein began on 23rd October 1942 - so what? It marked the turning point in the war in North Africa against Rommel and the Afrika Corps.

September 15th each year - why is that celebrated?- and a public collection made. It's Battle of Britain day.

When's Trafalgar Day? Not that we celebrate it, of course, it might upset the French! And why would we want to remember our greatest Admiral? You know who I mean.

We could do so much more about teaching our history to schoolchildren but - who cares?

No wonder we have no pride in our country; Wootton Bassett's care for casualties returning from Afghanistan shames us all.


marigold jam said...

Indeed it does. I must admit I know little of the dates you mention - we didn't study recent history at school at all and all I knew of the war was from films! I do feel sorry that we seem to have lost our sense of pride in being British though.

Bernard said...

I remembered D-day was today, but then I went to school in the 40's, 50's & 60's and we were taught these dates.
I was born in September 1942 and the name Bernard was fairly popular at that time because of Bernard Montgomery's victory at El Alamein. (so I was told) :o

I know I shouldn't joke about serious things but one of my favourite comedians was Willy Rushton.
He was once asked was was a bidet?
He replied it was two days before D-day!

sylve said...

Hi Jane,
I still have my School Certificate History Exam paper (1948)and the questions I answered are marked- the rough notes are on the back! From 'Choose 5 from the following' I can read the notes on The Bank of England,Judge Jeffries and the Porteous Riots; Another question was on Chas 2 and James 2 trying to restore the RC faith, The Duke of Marlborough and American Independence.
We were taught History in my dim and distant schooldays!

So that's where you got your name, Bernard. I hadn't seen it like that. If you know a lady named Sheila, Shirley, Sylvia, Janet, Jean, Joan or Joyce you can bet we're born in a certain decade. I had boys in my class called Lee, Wayne and Jason. I wonder what are faourite names nowadays.

Bernard said...

And....we mustn't forget the 15th June. The signing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede in 1215.
I wonder if anyone, apart from us properly educated, will remember that. Lets look in the press and bbc news. I bet it's completely ignored.

Sylve said...

Must admit I didn't remember, Bernard. Thanks for the reminder. Will you blog it?? Almost 800 years...