Sunday, 16 January 2011


In 2002 the Local History Group put on an exhibition of Stone village's life through history. My brief was to produce a photographic display for the village hall, which I did in over 80 A1 sheets of black paper. I loved researching village history and a couple of the display sheets were of the village street/road names and the origin of the name.

The names for two roads on a newly built estate were taken from the village's War Memorial. Both men were casualties of WW2.

Rowland 'Rowley' Jefferies died in Normandy on 17th July 1944, aged 27. He was in the Oxon and Bucks Light Infantry and died as a POW after he was reported missing. His father was Clerk and Steward of the Bucks Mental Hospital to which the original name of Bucks County Lunatic Asylum had been changed in 1919.

Harfield Faithfull was 20 years old serving in the First Battalion, Grenadier Guards. He was killed on 2nd August 1944. His twin brother, William, lost a leg in the same battle. Their father, William Faithfull, had been the village policeman in the early years of the 20th century.

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Kath said...

I often wonder how roads got their names, we have some interesting ones here in Glaston, (Abbot) Bere lane and (Abbot)Whiting, (St) Dunstans lane, (St) Benedicts Street etc
I enjoyed the previous posts, especially the squirrel pics.