Friday, 28 January 2011


Today's the first time I've seen a thrush in the garden during this winter, though I don't know whether it's a missel or song thrush. It's all to do with the spots. But it found a snail for lunch, at least.

There used to be several pheasants feeding in the garden during past years but, again, this is the first I've seen this year. He's half way down the garden picking up the fallen sunflower seeds from a feeder. His beak is hidden by the droopy bit of wallflower. The stray black cat finished munching his daily handout of dry food on the doorstep and went off down the path. The pheasant beat a stately retreat and returned later.


Kath said...

You dont see any pheasants here on the levels, not enough cover for game birds I guess.
Nice to see a thrush, funny enough, we had our first one in the garden this week.
Nice photos with the new camera Silve.

Micki said...

We get some interesting birds around here too. I loved your pics!

Anonymous said...

Its nice to have so many birds in your garden..wish they'd come into mine..........