Sunday, 30 January 2011


As it was a sunny afternoon, though a very cold wind, I went for a walk to see what I could find to photograph.
There were some snowdrops in the stables hedgerow but they're not fully out yet so difficult to see among the dead leaves and twigs. Walking back up the slope Helen arrived so I went in with her.

The horses were all at the top of the field which was lucky - I didn't have to walk down to them.
The grey (above) is Corinne and belongs to Helen's friend; the other is Jiggy, Helen's horse, and the photo below is Jiggy with Indy, her daughter. They are black, brown and white - just like the cat!

Indy will be three in June this year and she's already larger than her mum. She was smaller once - when she was about 4 or 5 hours old... Helen let the puppy, Bella, free to run about the yard and as Tiggy, aka Tigs, came to say Hallo, Bella rushed up to her with an excess of enthusiasm. The black blob is the puppy just arriving!
She took refuge on top of the hay bales. She's been part of the family for some years and hated it when the family lived in a rented house on an estate but when she was brought to the stables she took to it immediately. Fat and happy describes her now. Plenty of 'food on the hoof'.

A few of the chickens were picking over the ground and this is the best shot today. The hens are laying enough eggs for them to be put outside for sale and trusting to the honesty of passersby to put the payment in the letter box. Helen knows that eggs were stolen by people who were sledging during the snow and recently by some youths walking by.
On the way home I saw these hazel catkins which look OK against the dark background.
That all folks!! My 101st Post since August last year...


SarahElisabeth said...

This does make me miss home and yep tigs is definitely fat and happy =)

Sylve said...

Hi Sarah,
East, West, Home's Best, so they say. Photos look better with sunshine, too!

Bernard said...

Congratulations! 101 and counting!
It was nice to see that bit of sunshine, but as you say - a bit nippy.
Sunday found me in P. Risborough - just for a walk, although I usually end up in Tesco!
I know, fancy ending up in Tesco, but Wesley just loves their 'own make' cat food and so I need to pop into just one store every month or so. It was about 3:30 and the 'fishmonger' was selling off loads of fish half price. So when I got home, after feeding Wes & Hazel, I had to start freezing fish!

Sylve said...

Hi Bernard,
I go to Risboro' every so often for the library and Tesco. Can't find anything now they've 'improved' it! You mean you didn't cook some fish for your mates??? But you got your priorities right - feed the cats first!

Kath said...

Lovely photos Silve!