Sunday, 29 April 2012


There's been such strong winds overnight that there's been some damage to other people's property, luckily, though it affects my garden. This first photo, looking down the garden, shows next door's fence panels flopped over. They are a good few years old and the posts were put in concrete rather than Metposts so have rotted through. The lilac tree is just coming into bud, I noticed earlier from upstairs.
This is looking back towards the house and you can see that three panels and several posts will need  replacing.  The shrub in the front with nice, new foliage is my hydrangea. The bushy plant sort of behind it is a delphinium clump already a couple of feet high but bent over at the moment. I'm glad the panels fell that way.

I carried on down the garden checking to see which would go next time there's a strong wind then came to the bottom on my way to the compost heap and found this greenery blocking the way. It's the last (almost) branch left on the willow tree in the house next door-but-one in the other direction.. Thank goodness he decided to have it very well pruned when I had my sycamore cut down in the autumn or there'd have been a lot of damage to two sheds.
Luckily it seems to have missed both of them and not damaged the Christmas tree either, from first glance. Just have to wait now for the neighbours to 'do something'. The tree branch's owner is about 84 so might take some time to organise help to shift it.

It could have been a lot worse, and must be, in other places.


Kath said...

One of my old apple trees blew down, crashing through my neighbours hedge. No other damage thankfully, although the gate post has come loose from the wall.
We have a NE wind which is hitting the back of the house with "gusto"!

Leanne said...

and down here in Dorset, its been horrendous, the wind has whipped the tarpaulin from my hen house, tearing it, and also lifted the roof felt from the shed, which now is leaking like a tap!

Leanne x

Sylve said...

Your damage not too bad, Kath, lucky there was nothing too horrendous . Apple logs smell nice when they burn, are you going to get out your saw???

Hi Leanne,
Thanks for leaving a post for me. You sound as if you have real problems to sort out today. You'll need to nail battens across the roofing when you get it sorted to stop it happening again.

Bernard said...

No storm damage here, even all my new vegetables suffered no damage, in fact all this rain has really brought things on.