Thursday, 26 April 2012


Ever since I retired in 1980 whatever it was I've worn trousers and so have needed socks. I love snazzy socks, since I can't get snazzy shoes, and these arrived yesterday, ordered on line from Sockshop. Guess what my favourite colour is? The yellow ones at the bottom are the ones I pulled out of the envelope this morning so that's what I'm wearing. I thought they were all cotton but the two sets (on the left) with small labels on the toe (one round and the other rectangular) say they are made from bamboo fibre. Perhaps Kath could use some of her nettles to make socks???
I'd got a bit fed-up with having to darn the holes under the heels before I could wear my current lot - still, they have done a whole year without getting sloppy round the top or a hard texture when washed, like the white terry socks I wore for years. At least there's no struggle getting your foot into the tops!


Bernard said...

"Sock it" to us Sylve.
Do you go Disc Dancing in those?
I used to pop into Sockshop in Ealing Broadway when I worked in the 'Smoke'. They had everything. A good shop.

Kath said...

thats a coincidence Silve, I bought some socks for pilates today, with toes and grippy soles!