Thursday, 12 April 2012


An image which Kath posted a few days ago reminded me that I have collected lots of blue-and-white china over several years. Some of it came from car boots, as you might have guessed, but there are a few pieces which I bought in Holland, so it's real Delft!
Most of it is packed away in the roof but I do have a few bits and pieces on top of a bookcase, though mostly jugs (twelve all told) because I like the different shapes they're made in. The little jug on the first step up, on the left hand end, that's Delft. The sauce boat in the centre at the bottom holds the electricity and gas meter box keys so they're readily at hand if I need them. There are more plates stashed away but it's a long time since I've looked at them.
The photo was taken in 2005 or 6 when I was taking a writing course and one of the assignments must have been to get a letter published in a magazine; this one was.


Kath said...

Lovely display Silve, did you go to all that trouble for us? :-D

Sylve said...

That's the photo I sent with the letter which the magazine published - all balanced on various boxes, covered with a very useful sheet!

Bernard said...

Not my 'Cup of Tea' I'm afraid.
But I do remember, from my days at Infant School -
"I'm a little Tea-pot,
Short and stout.
Here's my handle,
Here's my spout.
When I get the steam up,
Hear me shout.
Tip me up and pour me out!"
I expect you taught a few wee children that?

Helsie said...

I have a display of blue china in my dining room. I saw it done in a magazine and loved it so set about buying cheap plates to do it . Opposite I have a sideboard and a big mirror to reflect them. I'm really pleased with it ... and on the sideboard is a large Delft plate, a gift from an aunt who bought it on a visit to Holland.
We're all rather alike aren't we?

Sylve said...

Yes, Bernard, I did those kind of rhymes with my reception class children plus Incy-Wincy Spider and newer ones, too.
Helsie, nice to hear from you. It's very satisfying to find another piece to add to the collection but I don't really have room to display them all, that's why I packed them off to the attic! I used to collect small houses, made in pottery, Pensylvannia coal, material, a (literal) sand-castle most of which are still wrapped from my move in 1996!!

Dutch Duo said...

Jonathans a little disapointed you haven't put the candle stick he got you in the picture..:0(