Saturday, 5 May 2012


This might have to be the last crochet blanket of this sort that I make. I have arthritis in my left thumb joint where it meets my hand and crocheting for any length of time makes it a-c-h-e... This measures 39" x 52"-ish and has taken since about Christmas. I was really 'off' any kind of handicraft in the early part of the year so, at last, this is another one to cross off the list of Waiting To Be Finished things on the go.
I hope I can finish bordering the Granny Squares and then putting those together - with crochet.
Still plodding on, very slowly, with a lap quilt I'm hand quilting and that's going fairly well, especially if I have something to listen to. At present, it's 'Sharpe's Trafalgar' on cassettes, which I prefer to CDs. Only thing is they're abridged where CDs aren't...
And I've just cut some papers to start another long-hexie quilt.

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Kath said...

Great blanket- I love the bright colours!