Monday, 21 May 2012


I had a tooth out today and remembered another snippet of infant school life.
I can just about remember a hall with parents and children - that should be mothers rather than parents - sitting round the walls. I remember we were in the opposite diagonal corner to the desk where a man was sitting who was The Dentist!! It seems that when it was my turn Mum had to drag me across the floor where I promptly bit him. And this was just an examination. I bet she was mortified! I can't remember if there was any retribution.
Much later, when I was a little bit older, I was taken to a dental school somewhere in London, to a room full of dental chairs while trainee dentists practised on us. It obviously made an impression on me. The only problem with dental treatment is - you can't talk!!


Bernard said...

"How brave thou art,
how brave thou art!!"
Where those lines come from I don't rightly know? (I think it's religious musical piece actually) but I though it seemed appropriate.
I too was wheeled off to a 'Dental clinic' as a child.
It was a green corrugated iron structure. I was given 'gas' which didn't work properly and consequently I have feared dentists to this day. Sad but true.

Bernard said...

ps thank for your mail shot about school 'photies'. I will give it a try and get back to you. I hope you treat yourself to strawberries and cream tonight! After all, you don't need to chew those!
pps Don't forget to put the tooth in a glass of water tonight. You might get a nice silver sixpence in the morning. Remember doing that?

crafty cat corner said...

I used to go to the school dentist and was petrified every time.
I do go regularly now but still get the colly wobbles whe the day approaches.
Hope you're feeling okay now.

Sylve said...

Poor you, Bernard, having gas not working. I used to hate having gas - I think the worst bit of the whole process of an extraction is having the injection.
Strawbs and cream - they'll go on my Waitrose list for tomorrow.. Unfortunately the dentist didn't give me the tooth, so no tanner for me. The Tooth Fairy won't come either, will she?
Hallo, Crafty Cat. I feel OK, thanks, since it wasn't painful. I've had a peek at my gum and it's closing up nicely. My lunch was half a cup of carrot soup, 3 Jaffa cakes, a jam tart and a cup of tea... Just cooking something more appropriate.