Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I haven't blogged recently because I've been unwell with a coughing-type cold, which seems to be going round at the moment and drains all your energy but I'm getting over it now, touch wood.
As Ashley isn't around any more I thought I'd make use of his old carrying cage in the garden, to see if I can protect the half coconut shells I buy for the birds, which are filled with suet plus mealworms, peanuts or berries. Starlings are such gannets, they hack away at anything and clear the food in a matter of minutes, it seems. So I thought I would try this and it seems to work (so far) as I've only seen a single starling a couple of times. It's hanging on two butchers' hooks connected to the feeder pole and the cage.
I've put the plywood 'floor' back in, too, so that I can put mealworms in there as well. The only downside, at the moment, is that the great spotted woodpecker can't get to the food, either.
I've been trying to add another photo but can't get it to move down so will finish this here and do another one. It's only taken me about two days so far.....


Kath said...

great idea Silve. We are besieged by massive clouds of starlings, as you know the levels are famous for them. I resort to all sorts of "protectors" to give the smaller birds a chance. There are feeders hanging up for the starlings. From time to time, I see a very determined speckly one squeezing through, but my aim is not to starve them, just to create a level playing field.

Bernard said...

Another good idea Sylve.
I thought you said you were going to use it to carry recycling bits & bobs?
You are luck to have a carrier with a decent size mesh. Mine is a similar size and shape but with a grid size that would do for a Hamster!
Glad you're feeling better.