Saturday, 17 March 2012


This is the latest blanket I've finished knitting - only four things to complete now!
As for the new computer - I'm doing this Blog on the old one as I kind-of know what I'm doing.

The new one is a Samsung with a non-reflective screen (not called 'matte' these days, it seems) but apart from trying to find how to open the bloomin' lid (lift it, no catch to slide as there is on this HP) and clicking it on, that's about as far as I've got. I haven't the first idea about computers and am not really looking forward to a l-o-n-g time learning where everything is. However, first of all there's the problem of shifting all the info on this computer on to the new one. But even before that there was getting Stuart to come and install the new BT HomeHub which was sent since the old one 'died'. That took a couple of hours last evening as it had to be linked to both old and new computers while talking to Holland. Do I sound as if I know what I'm talking about? Don't bet on it!
Sometime today - and tomorrow - I shall hand over control of them to Jonathan (my daughter's partner) in Holland who will transfer all my work to the new one. I'll have to be on hand to answer questions, make decisions etc.
I've spent this morning clearing out Documents from 2006,7,8 etc., deleting some Sent Mail and the Inbox, shifting photos from one folder to another and leaving all the icons on the wallpaper page which I've never used since I don't know what they are! I've found the disks for the printer and both cameras...I'll sit and watch the arrow moving itself around with no input from me. Gillian has already expressed an interest in this HP if it's going to be spare. I've already given my 'orrible Vista computer with a shiny screen to James, whose computer collapsed under the strain...
But before that I have to go to Bucks Family History Society meeting to return some borrowed mags for a friend.
When will I get time to have a post prandial nap today? I'll end up with a cracking headache; it was 'complicated' enough having two trips to India this week and unravelling what I was being asked to do to try and restart the HomeHub.
Ho hum...


Kath said...

sounds like a tedious time Silve. Hopefully the new Pc will be worth the hassle.
Love the latest blanket, lovely and bright!
I've just found some knitting in the loft which I shall take to the crafting bee on Monday.

Sylve said...

At least the mice didn't beat you to it!!
'Ours is a nice house, ours is,
We got no rats nor mousies...'
Can't remember any more!