Friday, 29 April 2011


Do you visualise how your memory for storing odd scraps of information works? For me, it's like one of the old time cash registers! A crash on the keys and suddenly up comes the right answer.

I have no interest in cars - they have (mostly) four wheels, one in each corner, brakes and either go or don't. But when I was in Thame yesterday and saw this vehicle up popped an answer - a Mini Moke. How did I know that??? I have no idea! Just a bit of useless information gathered from somewhere or other in the past.

The driver was just climbing out as I reached him so asked him if it was a Mini Moke and he said it was a Lookalike... Looks very uncomfortable to me!

PS All Stuart's family and friends have gone to Newquay for the next few days to the Riviera Rally for Minis, they're all Mini potty...

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Kath said...

I was thinking mini-moke as I opened this post. My neighbour "cider-Dave" is mini mad, they go to rallies and treasure hunts, with other mini owners.