Wednesday, 13 April 2011


At Little Hampden, on the fast lane between Great Missenden and Chequers this forge stands a short way back from the road. The smith makes decorative ironwork pieces and this one of the two pieces currently on display.

Sometimes I haven't stopped to take photos but I couldn't resist having a closer look. As you can see this stag is made from old horseshoes welded together. I think it must be lifesize, too.

Here's the detail of how the chest area is tightly packed with parts of shoes and the body is whole shoes. Some people are so clever! I wonder how many shoes went into making this - and the time and patience.

The other piece which is currently displayed is this graceful ArtDeco flower piece

and few years ago there was a sculpture of kites circling, also on this sort of scale.

Perhaps when I go along this road next, if the forge is open, I'll go in and have a talk with him.

The cottage in the background of the top photo was lived in by a dinner lady at the school where I taught - but I didn't knock to see if she was still in residence.


SarahElisabeth said...

i love that its awsome x

Kath said...

Great photos Silve, funny thing, I don't remember ever passing that forge. I know the road past Chequers, to Prestwood,which is how I drove to work, but I can't visualise where this is?

Sylve said...

Thank, Sarah, I could say the same about your Paris photos, they're awesome, too!! The fish eye lens must be fun to use and having a cuddle from Mickey...

Hi Kath, just before the forge there's a long straight and quite dark 'tunnel' of overhanging trees then the forge is on the right about 150 yards before the turn to Prestwood. Not that it matters now!!!

Bernard said...

I wonder if this is the same forge that I go past on the road from Gt Missenden to Princes Risborough? The one I know is on the corner of a road called Cobblershill Lane. I don't think it is near Prestwood or Chequers. I haven't seen the horses but I do remember seeing some 'rusty kites' outside once. :)

Sylve said...

That's it, Bernard, because you turn off to go 'over the hills' to Risborough and Chequers is straight on... Prestwood is up on the hill whereas the forge is in the lower ground.