Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I've made a couple more charity blankets. These are both 4' x 3' and will go to schools in Burma which deal with orphans and blind children. I visited the lady in the village whose son is the driving force out there and she showed me photos of the children. The blind children need sensory toys and these are shipped along with lots of other items - clothes, toys, books etc. Everything is donated and I was shown a large 'spare' room, which felt about the size of the whole of my ground floor, with items waiting to be packed and a garage with already packed boxes waiting to be collected.

The top blanket is knitted in a rectangular pattern, two adjacent squares at once, changing colours halfway along the row. There are seven 'strips' in all, crocheted together and then the edge crocheted to finish it off.

The blanket above is a different pattern, just to make knitting them a little bit more interesting.

This one has slightly wider strips, and just one 'bar' at a time. There are 5 strips so not as much joining later on. I've adapted a quilt binding strategy and the outer edging is made up of bits of wool which are too short to make a row of knitting. I can't bear to throw anything away!

In the background is the arm of my magnifying lamp for handquilting and the roll of upholsterer's wadding which I use as the filling in a quilt sandwich. Both of these take a bit of carting upstairs and then down again when I need them so I leave them in my lounge and don't 'see' them any more...

Any ideas, anyone, of how I can pattern more blankets? Nothing complicated....


Kath said...

Nice work!
You know me, Silve, I love the stripy ones. I must make one, I found my box of knitting needles yesterday, while moving some unopened moving boxes. Just need to collect some wool now!

Foody said...

Hello Sylvie. I am a follower of Bernad's Monkey Organ blog. He has somehow got a message to me that hs computer has conked out and he wanted me to tell you and Kath in particular that there was this problem preventing him from blogging for the neext while.