Wednesday, 26 December 2012


A couple of years ago I was given this Christmas Rose as a Thank You for knitting a pair of mittens for my friend's elderly aunt. It's done really well in this patch of garden, which doesn't get any sun during the winter because it's blocked by the house next door. Gillian took a small piece for her garden. This plant has expanded as much again from the original plant.
The buds have this strong pink on the outside which turn into a white flower with a greeny-yallery boss in the centre. I don't think there will be many insects about in this sharp weather; although we haven't, thankfully, had any floods there's been so much rain I can't shut the old shed door, it's very swollen. The rain has made the wood so soft the mouse/mice are finding it easy to munch their way through it!!

I'm pleased it's flowered at the right time, too.
The badger seems to have given up coming for supper at last so I've stopped donating peanuts to the mice...


Bernard said...

What a perfect description.
It reminded me of that song we sang at school - "The Yaller Gal that winked at me!"
Is it a 'real' word do you think? I think it was from the B&W Minstrel shows as well?
No flooding - lucky you.
See Bourne End here -
We're dry though - except for a wee dram to see in the New Year.
All the best for 2013.
Take care....B

Sylve said...

Hi Bernard, got here at last. 'Greenery-yallery'seemsto be Aesthetic Movement in late 19th century and also a line from Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Patience' re an art gallery (to rhyme with 'yallery'). I have no idea how I know it, not from those sources! You did have some water on the river and roads. Compared to some places further west it's not much but still so disheartening for people whose homes have been contaminated. miserable old weather, too...