Monday, 3 December 2012


I thought you might like to see some of the things that my descendants get up to, in age order!!
Daughter Teresa recently began making cakes for friends and her partner's colleagues at work.  The Golfer cake was made for a birthday - a two layer chocolate cake with buttercream and cherries in the middle. It was made for a lad's 17th birthday.
This cake was made for a football-mad two year old with a scarf in his team's colours laid across the pitch and the ball kicked into the long grass...

A three-layer chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream filling plus stencilled design on the top and sprinkles round the sides.

Cupcakes are always a favourite and Teresa must have made dozens in different designs. She's currently making 12 small, square Christmas Cakes - English style - to go into Christmas hampers. Never a dull moment, just a house filled with cake tins and associated accessories!

Her daughter, Diana (my eldest granddaughter) is making jams, marmalades and chutneys for family Christmas presents this year and although I repeatedly asked for photos, this one-and-only came from Teresa.
I blogged this before - it's the pattern on the 'Quilt' birthday cake which Diana made for my birthday in  September, so she's into cakes, too.
My youngest granddaughter, Sarah, graduated from Southampton University this summer. She studied costume design and fashion photography. The dress below was one she made for her end-of-college ball in 2007.
 Here's the back of it.
 She made this wedding dress after being asked by a friend - who complicated matters by losing weight all the time it was being made!
 She'd really like to do Action photography, like this surfboarding which she took at Newlyn in Cornwall, I'd guess. Not a lot of surfboarding in Britain though...
 One of Diana's daughters, Clarissa, (eldest but one gt.granddaughter) is at (I think) Wolverhampton Uni taking Forensic Science and decorating nails as a means of raising a few pennies along the way.
 I have others but these are the clearest photos to indicate what she does.

As Teresa said - interesting that it's all the women in the family...but so often women are the Makers!

James (grandson) starts at his dream job in January - working for F1 team, Force India. He's got a degree in Sports Car Engineering which has stood him in good stead in his present job but this move will be a step up the F1 ladder.

Stuart (son) has recently moved to a firm restoring Bugatti cars from the 1920s and 30s.

I just carry on knitting in the winter and patchwork and quilting in the summer!


Helsie said...

What a talented family you have Sylve.

Sylve said...

It's very satisfying when family members take up hobbies, makes you feel they are continuing the kind of things you've been doing since childhood.
In 1939 I had to show the teacher every row of garter-stitch I knitted, which peeved me very much! I could knit properly, didn't need supervision. Huh!!

Kath said...

you sound justifiably proud Silve, being creative obviously runs in the family.
I'm glad you "came out" and out your photo on the blog :-D

See you Thursday!

Jonathan Apeldoorn said...

Seems you have passed your creative talent down to us..I have 15 Christmas cakes to decorate, 12 small ones all the same with traditional holly & berries with a red ribbon round the bottom, and 4 full sized ones 3 in a traditional style and ours which at te moment I'm not sure about...

Sylve said...

Hi Teresa, Jonathan - glad you made it to leave a comment. You both sound as if you are going to be extra busy for the next few days/weeks. You'll have a nice warm, baking-scented house!

Kath - you recognised the photo as being Me, then... see you soon.

Bernard said...

The artwork on the cup-cakes looks very precise. Is it 'iced' on with an icing bag or is it applied using a stencil?
I'm not allowed cakes in any shape,size or colour, except the zero calorie version!
Actually I'm not a cake person so I don't really miss them.
I shall have a bit of Christmas cake of course - but the one I really crave - is a good old sticky Lardy-cake! :)

Jonathan Apeldoorn said...

Hi Bernard, yes the pattern is a stencil but is still quiet difficult to make sure its all covered and dose'nt smudge when you take it off. We can't make lardy cake as we can't get lard here