Thursday, 20 December 2012


I was wondering what I could blog about so near to Christmas and thought about 'Christmas Day in the Workhouse' by George R. Sims and the alternative version, 'Christmas Day in the Cookhouse' by Billy Bennett. I decided the Workhouse poem was a little bit unhappy (and very long) to post about at this time of year so looked around the bookshelves and found this book, which covers the whole year.
 It was originally published in 1955 and my copy cost 30p so long ago I can't remember where or when I bought it. I must have picked it up because Rowland Hilder was the kind of artist who painted Kentish landscapes with buildings and these appeared on Christmas and Birthday cards for many years. They're very clear and representational, just up my street, although he painted in watercolours, which I don't.
The page for December, below, shows an unnamed house with various farm buildings on either side, a car outside the front door and a cart upended on the right hand side.  His wife painted the plants and greenery. There's an explanation of these below.
The description of December includes a little snippet of historical beliefs, too. 

If I don't get back again before Christmas - Happy Holiday!!


Kath said...

you too Silve! Eat, drink and be merry!

marigold jam said...

Best wishes to you too Sylve and hope you have your evergreens by the door to repel any evil spirits!!

Sylve said...

See you post-Christmas with your interesting blogs. Can't wait!!