Thursday, 10 May 2012


When I was shopping in Waitrose on Tuesday I saw these and couldn't resist buying them on a cold, grey and damp morning. Mind you, they weren't exactly cheap at 8 strawberries for £1.99, which is 25 pence each. When I peeled off the plastic film the smell was worth the cost! It was a real strawberry smell just as if it was summer. Well, they were British and I did enjoy them, they were worth paying for.
Another snippet - I've been getting jackdaws flying in as they've discovered the metal mesh globular peanut holder hanging on the feeder pole. I hoped this bird would try to get one out of the open top but only presented himself for a photo opportunity. He decided not to help himself so no photo of the balancing act this time - perhaps later.
And this is the surprise. This morning I was sitting facing the patio door and quilting when I glanced up (between stitches) and saw this lovely little animal just a few feet away from the window.
 It's one of the cubs belonging to the vixen exploring the garden on his own. It disappeared behind some greenery then reappeared some minutes later and trotted off down the garden, still investigating as it went. I watched to see where it went but it vanished behind some plants - did it go under the bottom shed, I wonder? There's room for it to gain access - or did it go down the side and so out into the field?
I'm pleased I managed to catch these photos of something else visiting the garden. Taken from indoors, as usual.
(The problem of a date on the photos as been sorted out, thank goodness!!)


Kath said...

Fabulous photos Silve!
We get jackdaws here, they steal my fruit and walnuts! One of my American visitors observed that they were "ornery looking critters" :-D

marigold jam said...

We too were sitting in our conservatory yesterday when a fox just ambled past - not such a healthy looking one as yours though although to give him his due it was tipping down with rain and maybe I'd look scruffy if I was out in the rain like he was!

Bernard said...

When I see lovely pictures like yours Sylve, I think "How can people hunt and kill creatures like that?" I know they take chickens - but surely, only if they are not locked up secure at night.

Sylve said...

Thanks, Kath. I like their grey faces.
Hallo again, 'Marigold'. This little creature is a cub, the first I've ever seen. Lucky I always have a camera handy.
Hi Bernard, The idea of hunting a living creature for fun appals me.
Once, in a swimming pool changing room, an au pair was crooning to the child in her care that Mummy had gone cubbing...chasing cubs with hounds. Oscar Wilde got it right - the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable.

Ann said...

Lovely photographs. Our lovely border collie died 2 years ago but one day the two of us were out a walk behind some houses that back on to the river, as we turned a corner, a cub shot out of a garden followed by another i don't know who got the biggest shock me or the cubs, one of then just about turned quickly and went back into the garden whilst the other went off forward. Our dog didn't even bother about them lol.

Sylve said...

What a treat for you to see two cubs. It's interesting to see how our pets react to wildlife as none of my four cats (all gone now) ever had any problem with a badger eating just a foot or two away from them. Like your collie they seem to accept each other.
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