Monday, 4 July 2011


I took another blanket down to the lady whose son is working with children in Burma and for whom she collects all kinds of things.
This one is still made in five sections then crocheted together before the crochet edgings are added. She was pleased that the colours were bright as, apparently, the children like the gaudy colours of the blankets. Another shipment is due to go out at the end of July.

It's getting hairy taking 'floor' photos but I prefer them as reference photos to the artistically draped ones...I used to climb onto a dining room chair and stand up there with no problem. Now, to take this, I got to the first step of a small stepladder and didn't feel safe even at that mini-height.

I've almost done the first strip of No.5.

Don't get old, but as someone said to me - What's the alternative???


marigold jam said...

Yes getting old is not for wimps but the alternative doesn't bear thinking about does it when there is so much still to do!! Love the blanket and am sure the children in Burma will too. Well done you!

Kath said...

Yes I like the bright colours too.
Do you get to put a little note in with best wishes like we did for Rumania?

Sylve said...

I like knitting blankets - no thought needed, Jane.

No, Kath, can't put in notes as items are packed at the lady's house and a great many boxes then go to an orphanage, not individuals, like the Romanian Christmas boxes. And, with Burma, they have to be rather careful about what the authorities allow, too.
Don't want to get the recipients in trouble.

Bernard said...

Just hold the camera high up in the air at arms length (pointing down of course). You will be surprised that you can get 'everything in', with a bit of practice. I do this to get photos over the heads of people standing in front of me.

Sylve said...

If I stood on a ladder and did that, Bernard, I'd fall off backwards! I had one elbow on the back of the armchair to help me keep my balance while I took that photo. I keep finding more things I can't manage.Old age ain't much fun...

Bernard said...

I meant standing on the floor and holding the camera up. No don't go up a ladder.
Two more ideas -
Put it on the floor in the hall, go halfway up stairs and photograph it from there.
Lay it out on the patio and take a picture looking down from your bedroom window.
Just ideas.

Sylve said...

Bernard, you are kind! There are problems with you suggestions, though - I don't have a hall! It's a 'modern cottage' where the front door opens straight into the living area and wrong alignment to take photos from the stairs - and - the previous owners of the property had a one storey extension so I can't see the first ?20-25 feet of the back garden from the upstairs window...But I can try holding up the camera as high as I can reach.
Aargh!!! Nothing's simple!