Sunday, 23 October 2011


On the way home from my friend's house in Chesham I passed the forge at Litttle Hampden where there were new iron sculptures on display - I blogged about them before in April. The forge is on a narrow road with woods on one side and a fairly narrow frontage to the building on the other - and cars zip along here! You have to park in the road and hope... There's not much room to step back to get a different angle. Here it is in solo flight.

You could call this anything you like, I suppose.
The sphere is more pleasing, to me at any rate. The individual shapes remind me of something but - is it seeds from a conifer of some kind or perhaps gingko leaves?
Had to stop and look in a Trees book and I think it might be gingko leaves. I'll stop and ask one day, if the forge is open.

This graceful display of kites is how we see them round here, calling to each other as they sail on the thermals. I've left the background so you can see the lane...
I wish I had a garden where you'd see something like this to real advantage..


Bernard said...

I too, pass this forge every week, if it is the the one on the road from Risborough to G.Missenden?
I come back from Thame this way you see, as well as from Ilmer and other watering holes.
I have to admit though, as attractive as they are, I have never fancied any rusty wrought iron of any sort in my garden. Along with the 20C nightmare - 'white plastic'!
(I do hope you do not have white plastic garden chairs?) (Sorry).
Cheers B.

Kath said...

The kites are amazing!

Sylve said...

Yes, it's that forge, Bernard. My white plastic chairs - well, one is buried under branches etc too thick to rot down on the compost heap and another has a green tidemark from puddles of rain over the last few years. I don't sit out in the sun, if I can avoid it.

Hi Kath, they'd look OK against a landscape view, I think.

Now to sign myself into my own blog....

Anonymous said...

I think the spere looks like something M.C. Escher would have loved. reminds me of his sky and water drawing.....Dutch Duo

Adrian payne said...

Hi adrian from the forge ,nice photos of my sculpture.