Tuesday, 2 August 2011


At the weekend, when the computer was playing up - again - though it turned out to be the free-floating mouse in the end - I received a message from PayPal, or did I?
It asked me to fill in all my details as there was an error in those they held for me.
The accompanying request had three spelling mistakes! Hmmm.....
So, yesterday, I was able to find the Paypal site and get their phone number. I rang and spoke to a human (!) and no, it wasn't from PayPal, it was someone on a phishing expedition. I forwarded the email to them to investigate.
This is the second phishing email, the other being some years ago, that one purporting to come from a bank - but I don't have a bank account so I reported that, too.
So, beware, my friends.


Bernard said...

Phished or not Sylvie, it is a wee bit diff leaving comments these days. Blogger is all up the shoot!
Anyhoo, I'm glad to hear you are not trusting any of these 'mailers' I try to never give my Email address to anyone unless I can trust them.

Sylve said...

Hi Bernard,
You're telling me - Blogger is all up the shoot! That's one reason why I haven't blogged much lately. Still have no Followers, haven't for a couple of months, I'd think.
Your tip about holding a camera up high to get a better photo has worked. Thanks for that.