Thursday, 10 March 2011


You don't have to answer that!

I don't use emoticons or other 'thingys' made up of ) : or ; etc but I thought this cat was a giggle. He miaous if you put the cursor on his forehead, on his tummy makes him purr. He'll also try to catch it as it passes in front of him and his tail'll twitch, too. And he follows where you're sending the cursor, of course. I just have to remember to turn on the sound - and then off again.

Good old Sarah, since I couldn't place it where I wanted it...


marigold jam said...

That's so cute! Love it. Aren't some people clever to be able to work out how to do this?!

Sylve said...

Jane, I couldn't even put it on my blog - I have absolutely no 'commonsense' for anything remotely technical... While I'm writing this, I'm being watched!!

Bernard said...

Two years ago when I started blogging I had one of those. I think you can put a name under it if you want to. After twelve months I got a bit tired of him and swapped it for a monkey!
It is possible to move any of those 'items' (or gadgets as blogger calls them) into any position.
You don't even need to cut and paste. They just 'drag' into any position you want them. It is on your 'layout' page.
My favourite are:-
A tank of fish, you can feed.
A hamster in a cage, that you can also feed.
And I found a swinging money, who will go for bananas you hang in his tree. I tried to get this last one but it wouldn't work. :(