Monday, 21 October 2013


It's taken me about 45 minutes to sort through the various blanket photos, some 'smalled', some cropped plus the originals. Then I had to delete the doubles and so on - you probably know what I'm getting at. But finally I found the missing 6th  blanket. I know why I missed it. There's another one with a green border but this one is wider and the pattern is in moss stitch! I had tried that for a change and soon wished I hadn't! I've done so many garter stitch blankets, which means you don't have to think overmuch, so having to keep an eye on a g. stitch border plus a moss stitch stripe then another g. stitch border - my poor little brain can't cope with that and reading and TV at the same time...

I'll stick to g. stitch from now on - unless I do ripple blankets again???

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