Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Do you remember, a few posts ago, I put up this photo and asked if you knew what it was?

 Now it's in flower -well, one of them is - this is what it looks like.
 It's a flower I'm very fond of, with a scent which some people find just a bit too much. It's a Regale Lily. You weren't too far off it, Bernard.
 It has these pink stripes along the back of each flower...
 And here's a closeup of inside a single flower. It's a shame it's such a cloudy day.


Then, after buying a box of Yorkshire Teabags this morning I found this on the back of it. It seems they have a recycling Pirate who has shown the Company a way of salvaging much of what they had previously dumped as rubbish. I hope it will enlarge for you or I can rephoto it. Kath will be able to tell you about Aylesbury's recycling centre where firms have taken all kinds of their commercial oddments.
Unfortunately ARRC, as it was called, is closing on 25th July, another facility for schools and the disadvantaged going the way of the underground market and the bowling alley.


Kath said...

That's a shame about ARRC Silve. It provided a recycling workshop for learning disabled Adults, as well as Scrapstore, the facility for distributing art and crafts materials.
There is a lively Scrapstore here in Wells.
There were plans to build houses on the ARRC site, any update on those plans?

marigold jam said...

Lovely lilies Sylvie. Near here there is a scrapstore which takes in all kinds of stuff to be recycled. I have to be careful when I go there that I don't come back with too much rubbish which then needs further recycling!

Helsie said...

What a great idea. Glad he has had some recognition.
PS I thought your plant was a Lillium.

Sylve said...

I'll have to enquire, Kath, as I only skip through the local rag in the library. Houses wouldn't surprise me, though, build without the infrastructure to support more homes.
Marigold, How lucky to have a scrapstore near you, I know what you mean about taking home more than you can cope with, it's hard to say No!!
Helsie, you're right, it is a Lilium. This variety comes from China, according to my book.