Friday, 13 January 2012

ODDS AND ENDS 2012, No. 1

This is a notice which was in one of Aylesbury's Tesco stores before Christmas - just another one of those things that hits me directly I see it. This week, out with a friend, I spotted Mediterranean spelled incorrectly, a butcher's shop where there was a printed label with the correct spelling. Grrr!

A new photo system which I don't know how to use yet, which is why the picture is not in the centre. I made Stuart a woolly hat as one of the oddments for his Christmas presents - using the pattern I've made dozens of times before since he was about 10!
James decided he'd like one as well, but he wanted a bobble so I knitted the hat and Teresa made the bobble while Jonathan was trying to make the computer go a bit faster. Unfortunately it hasn't really
worked...I'm waiting for a computer with a matte screen to come on the market, one that's more powerful than the only one available at the moment.

I went to throw out some bird seed the other day. I hadn't put it in a dustbin to keep so shouldn't have been surprised when two mouse-bitten holes sprayed the seed in all directions!
I found the old bit of terry towelling, used for wiping tools dry before putting them away, had been imaginatively dagged along the edge. I suspect there'll be a nest somewhere behind the usual garden containers etc (which live in my Top Shed) neatly lined with shredded towelling for the comfort of the babies.
I saw a mouse, the first for a-g-e-s, trundling across the patio in a dead straight line as if it was on skates, so perhaps it was Mum going home...

Another odd bit of labelling in Morrisons this time...
The other day, on Meridian News, there was an item about a new RN ship leaving to go to the Gulf, with families waving Goodbye from the quayside. The final shot was an elderly man with the Union Flag wrapped round his shoulders, the flag waving in the strong breeze. Unfortunately the flag was upside you know which of the flags above is the correct way up???  But I didn't know there was a right and wrong way to Fly the Flag until I worked at a flag makers in the 1960s!!!
PS - it's the first one, with the wide white stripe at the top. Roll on the Olympics...


marigold jam said...

I did know about the flags - we learned that in the Girl Guides and apparently an upside down flag is a sign of distress so maybe our flags do need to be upside down these days! We too had mice in our garage some years ago and on the first dry day we emptied the garage and found dozens of them living happily in there - they'd made lovely nests everywhere and chewed all sort of things and carefully removed all the peanuts for the birds which I'd left in a plastic carrier and not in a sealed tin into all the corners of all the drawers etc - such industry!

Bernard said...

All little boy scouts were taught how to hoist the Union flag. Once you've done it, you never forget. I wonder if it will have to be revised when Scotland goes off on it's own? (Not that I believe it will.)
What was in those four boxes?
T-shirts & pants? Mmmmm.
I can just imagine going into a shop and when asked "Can I help you Sir?"
- saying "Yes, I'd like to purchase a Ladies Bottom!"
"Certainly Sir, what size?".

Bernard said...

PS Why is your computer clock eight hours slow? I now your PC is running slow - but,
eight hours! He,he!

Sylve said...

Hallo Jane. I used to have a cat who liked to bring mice indoors then let them go.One of my other cats was very interested in my Hoover so I trundled it back and forth a couple of times with the cat in attendance. Once I had tipped it back on its wheels I discovered why the cat was so interested - the mouse was moving with the Hoover - but not for long once it was discovered...
Bernard, it was T shirts and Long Johns or track suit items, I can't remember - just another bit of daft wording that caught my eye. As for the clock, I hadn't even noticed it was incorrect. Now, I wonder how I change it?