Friday, 9 September 2011


Do you get days when nothing seems to go right?

Today has been one of those for me! The latest problem has been trying to find an image of a clenched fist with the thumb pointing down. Can I? Of course not!

On to the list of Won't Go Right happenings.

This morning, about 4 am, I heard Ashley miaouing, which means he wants to go out.I went downstairs, cautiously, but before I got to the bottom of the stairs he was sick... Another hairball with the surrounding mess, not easy to get off the ridged doormat/carpet. But I cleared that up and went back to bed. He must have had a bad kittenhood experience and won't use a cat flap.

Later, I got my breakfast, and Ashleys, put some fish into his fish-cooking plastic box, added a drop of water and set it turning. A few bangs and pops later I opened the microwave - ah! fish all over the inside, another job to do. And he's not very fond of this. It's called Pouting. I've never heard of it, have you?

I set the iRobot vacuum cleaner going - which stopped after a few minutes telling me the brushes needed cleaning. The ends, which turn in their recesses, were completely choked with cat hair. I cleared that and had a cuppa before getting back to whatever I was trying to do...a few minutes later the same message and another clump of fur had wound itself round the ends. Then I discovered the iRobot had got tangled up with the TV aerial and puilled it out of the metal tube-thing which goes into the wall socket. Luckily that was easy to fix, just poke it back!

I'm having a problem with my cordless phone. Yesterday I changed the batteries as I kept getting 'beeped' while talking to a friend and the phone promptly went into a sulk and wouldn't work at all. I checked with the date on the packet of new batteries and discovered I'd written the 'Bought' date as 2 Feb 2002... Tried to recharge them and, as of this morning, I still had no phone. phoned Panasonic and explained and was asked if I'd kept the original batteries. Yes. So I'm recharging those and at least have had a beep and one bar on the charging icon. Still charging now. I'll have to bring the landline phone the time I get upstairs the caller has rung off.

At the beginning of the week I noticed there was water left in the washing machine drum so asked Stuart how I could clear it - 'You probably need to clean the filter', he suggested, after he told me to drain the drum. I can't get down to do the filter with about 1/4" of space underneath it to put a tray to catch the water, even if I could tilt it backwards. Anyway, he came the day before yesterday and cleared the filter. Now, of course, I have a nice dry stain about 15" square on my recently cleaned kitchen carpet tiles...

Yesterday there was a call on the upstairs phone to say the new lenses from Specsavers, due in this week, would be delayed until next week, sorry.

Went to the library to get away from everything only to sit and read the paper next to a man who licked his fingers every time he turned a page - one of my definite hates! Yuck!

I came home, opened the door, having collected a small parcel the replacement postman had carefully left in full view, and there were 7 or 8 bits of junk mail. Well, not all of it was, actually. The stray cat's saucer's been cleared.At least it hasn't rained yet - sssssh!


marigold jam said...

Oh my! Sounds like you could do with a bit of better luck soon!

Bernard said...

Four am? Lucky you.
Hazel has started howling at 2am. I now go to bed at 9 so that I at least get five hours sleep. She doesn't seem to be able to go through the night without food. If I leave some biscuits down, Wesley eats the lot!
Hazel is like Ashley and can' use the flap. She just bangs on it when she wants to go out. I have now tied it up with a loop of string from a drawing pin about 12" above. A bit draughty, but at least she pops in and out.
And yes. I get 'those days' too.

Sylve said...

If I left the cat flap tied up any wandering moggy would come in and help itself - I had that in the past when my other cats were still around. I leave a token amount of 'wet' food down plus his bowl of biscuits in case he's in need of a midnight feast... I suppose you could always take Hazel with you???
Jane, you just have to get on with these things when they happen don't you? Re your post - I wish veggy boxes came in Singles sizes...there's too much in a normal sized one.
Now to see how many times I get returned to signing in on my own Blog...