Tuesday, 9 August 2011


As you can see I found this letter in a magazine, bought last weekend in a charity shop. I thought it might interest all the stitchers out there.

Years ago, when I was a Gallup interviewer I went from house to house interviewing anyone who was right for the particular survey. Very often I got chatting about their house name. I remember one which was called 'The Wrong'. When I asked why, the lady of the house said it was because when her husband was indoors, he was always in it... Another was Little Meddlers named because of her three sons. She couldn't use Little Medlars as it was already taken and the PO said No.

I didn't do my surveys very quickly but I do have some memories - interviewing a man in his mini swimming costume while lounging on his sun bed by the pool, a lady whose husband had been an engineer in India, a black cat making itself at home on my beige cotton trousers....


marigold jam said...

Sounds an interesting occupation Sylve! Perhaps I could call our house Crazy Patch?!

Sylve said...

Since you are interested in so many crafts you have plenty of choices!

Kath said...

Having weighed myself this morning, I think "Fat quarters" might be apt ha ha

Bernard said...

"Fat quarters" said Kath. Ha,ha!
That is what it said on my packet of chicken pieces I bought this pm in Sainsbury's! :D
I was also eyeing up the 'meaty thighs'!
(for Hazel's tea of course. :)

Sylve said...

What witty people you all are!
I can't think of anything as clever!

PS I wonder why my name has suddenly changed and why those wide spaces between paragraphs appear - I don't set it up like that. Annoying!!