Saturday, 5 March 2011


Last weekend Sarah 'translated' the info in the camera manual regarding using the Macro setting. It was a nice sunny day yesterday though a very cold wind so I braved a walk round the churchyard to try it out. These 'day's eye' flowers were the first effort and were OK so I tried a patch of moss
growing on a stone 'lump' which is supposed to be the base of the church cross.
Round the corner to the west door to find the only two figures represented on the outside. Kilpeck it's not!!
According to Alison Uttley's book of Buckinghamshire (rather fanciful reading about life in the good old days) this is meant to be a bishop and the one below represents a king. He looks a bit young to be a king, I think.

I thought this pine bark was just like ripples of chocolate, if you look at it sideways!

I think they're Scots pines but I have hardly any tree bark knowledge.
Here's one way of finding the watering can next time it's wanted!

And a bit of history to end with - sorry!
This wall seems to be the one referred to in the Vestry Minutes (the parish council took over from the Vestry several decades later). It's a bit, um, unpleasant but it's parish history all the same. Don't read if you're squeamish!!!
Because of the asylum burying so many of their patients there a problem arose which had to be solved.
On 24th March 1870 'it was moved, seconded and carried unanimously that the Vicar be requested to apply to the ensuing court of Quarter Sessions for help to enable the vestry to build a wall before a certain portion of the churchyard and to puddle the same with clay to prevent the effluvia from the dead bodies interred in the churchyard by Order of the Committee of the Visitors of the Asylum escaping through the fence.'
No Health and Safety issues there then.


marigold jam said...

Lovely pic - that bark reminds me of ripples of velvet and the little king might well have been young - some kings were but children weren't they? Health and Safety or public health etc are but a recent thing I guess! poor souls under the wall eh?!


Sylve said...

Jane, Don't you find that looking for things for the blog really makes you take notice? More fun to take photos when there are people 'out there' with whom you can share them. I can see what you mean about velvet ripples, it has that sheen, too.

Bernard said...

Sharing photographs. Oh, so true.
During my 'time' I must have taken thousands.
You,(me that is) came out of the chemist with your latest prints - and had been through them all before you got back to the car.
Some, were perhaps, never looked at again. :(
Was it all worth it?
The web has changed all that for the better. :)

Glad to hear you have the instructions sorted.
I must do the same for my camera.
Kilpeck Church? Ah! Now I took quite a few photos around that area. I stayed at Grosmont on the Welsh border. Don't expect I could find any pictures though. I'm all behind with my filing and I'm not even sure if I saved them. :(

Kath said...

Glad you got that sorted Silve, I love my Macro setting, nice when photographing the dogs close-up too.

Sylve said...

Hi, Kath, I just wish I could get closer to things growing at ground level!