Sunday, 27 March 2011


I've been trying to get these pics a decent size for a couple of weeks now, ever since Kath spoke about her crochet blanket. The originals are 6 x 4 SLR photos taken up to 20 years ago... sometimes scanning is OK for this type of photo, other times it's a nightmare. This is as good as I can get it without a special computer programme.

Anyway, these two 'Granny' crochet blankets were made for charity but I have no idea, now, who I gave them to. It's not so much the finishing of the item, more the making of it. I can't remember what I did with the taggly ends, I certainly wouldn't have sewn them in, much too long-winded.

This blanket has a different pattern for the individual square, not a 'granny square'. I wonder where this one went?

These were made while I've lived here, one crochet blanket and two knitted ones. but some time ago as they're also 6 x 4 prints.

These are digital photos - so much easier!

This is 6' x 4', which I always make the size for 'large' blankets. Once upon a time I went to Oxfam's warehouse in Bicester and saw how many knitted blankets are thrown away and go to be 'ragged' because they don't conform to Oxfam's preferred size. All made with time, care - and money - but dumped. I asked in various Oxfam shops and none of the volunteers had any knowledge of a particular size being wanted.

This is a 'small' one, half size at 4' x 3'. I get bored with knitting plain strips so decided to take a quilt patch pattern of half-squares and do that instead. Still in garter stitch, though.

Another quilt 'pattern' - I've made several strippy quilts so thought it would be interesting to try one in knitting. There are 5 strips here to be crocheted together, that's all. 4' x 3'.

The last 3 blankets are laid out on my lounge floor while I stood on a chair to take a photo - well, I shan't do that again!!

I'm crocheting together another small garter stitch blanket at the moment. The three above went to a charity taking things for Romanian families. Recently I bought a pack of 16 assorted wools, 100g each, for £10 plus £6 p and p from eBay and the joy is they come to your door! And £1 a ball for blanket wool is cheaper than the shops...

My Knit and Natter group have a contact locally who takes things for an orphanage in Burma so may swap to that.


Kath said...

That triangle one was always my favourite. I like the one in the second photo too, I have a print very like it. I cant remember off the top of my head who its by.. Kandinski?

Sylve said...

You're asking the wrong person about Kandinski - I'm more 17th century Dutch paintings. Not Rembrandt, though...