Sunday, 15 August 2010


A couple of friends and I are thinking about sharing a stall at a village fete next year and since we mostly make different things our goods shouldn't clash too much.
This is a bag I made a few weeks ago from a pattern I found online. It's quite easy, just squares of material and a lining - there's a novel strap which should suit anyone! On the left is a long strap at least 40" long and on the right there's a loop. The strap is passed through the loop then tied making it whatever length you like. Wear it as a long strap shoulder bag, a medium length to tuck under your arm or a short handle to carry the bag in your hand. I didn't want to quilt this one so I've attached buttons in each square to compliment the colours in that particular patch.
The bag's hanging on my design wall and the lines in the background are drawn onto an old flannelette sheet so that patches are always pinned on straight and level... well, more or less!


Kath said...

An ingenius strap indeed. I would think these would sell well, with everyone ditching their plastic carriers for something more durable and eco friendly.

orchidlover said...

Looks great

Love and hugs Gina xxx

LadyDreads said...

I had a cool idea for a bag for you, Sling bags. They would look amazing out of your patchwork.

Sylve said...

hi Sarah,
Email me with your idea when you have a chance?