Friday, 27 August 2010


I can't remember when I started this quilt, at least 3 or 4 months ago, though I did have some time out as it's much too humid to work upstairs when it's hot. But it's finished, label and all.
It was a follow-on from Kath's enthusiastic report about crazy quilting and this is the 3rd 'crazy' I've made this summer. It is a pattern from a US website.

I used recycled material as well as some new strips, and several thicknesses including dress cotton, curtaining and furnishing fabric.

I've Mennonite tacked it, cream cotton perle on the
strippy columns and blue on the blue stripes.

This is all you see on the back (photo on the right) and on the front you see this (below). The cotton is such a good
match you can hardly see it on the blue!

It has the virtue of being 'quick' to do compared to quilting a whole top. This one measures 45" x 45".

I couldn't make up my mind what to bind it with so cut up various lengths of material I'd used in the quilt, joined them together and am quite happy with how it's turned out.

The last thing was to do a label and I like to embroider this, rather than have a printed one, so did this last night and sewed it on this afternoon.

There's a Horticultural Show in the next village next weekend which has a Handicrafts section so I'll put it in the Quilting category and see what happens. Now what can I do...?

PS This finished post isn't how it looked pre-posting so I'm breaking some rules but don't know what... this is too untidy to be really satisfactory.


Micki said...

That quilt turned out stunning!

Sylve said...

Hi Micki,
Nice to hear from you - it was an interesting experience making this quilt but I didn't like putting straight edge binding onto an on-the-bias edge...perhaps I'll go back to conventional quilts from now on!

Kath said...

Hi SIlve, I really like the scrappy binding!

Sylve said...

Waste not, want not, Kath - as you know, I'm a hoarder!