Saturday, 26 January 2013


Over the last couple of months or so I've made some more blankets to go to Battersea Cats and Dogs Home in London. At the moment I don't have anything else to make so this fills in the time until the daylight gets better and hopefully I can get back to handstitching and machining. My cataracts are progressing but controllable with yet more specs and I'm within the legal limit to drive, the optician/optometrist told me. So I knit.
 It has surprised me since I spent a day in Wycombe Hospital having an angiogram (the preliminary to an angioplasty) when I had so many 'visitors' who were interested in my knitting as if it was an exotic pastime! Another patient across from me was amazed that I can knit without looking at what I'm doing. Well, I've been doing it for 75 years so bloomin' well should be able to!
This first blanket is using the same stitch as I did for the larger ones I 've made, - treble crochet in random colour stripes. All these blankets are roughly 24" 'square'. The border is a base row of double crochet, a row of treble and a final row of double again.
The second one is a small version of the harlequin or diamond knitted blanket I made some months ago. It looks complicated but is very easy to do and takes hardly any wool per patch, that's why I like it. Took it with me when I had my angioplasty a couple of weeks ago and knitted almost a row of diamonds - about 5 patches, I think - though no more after the procedure. I've even sewn in all the tails this pattern leaves for later, unlike the larger one already used as a throw on the settee without being finished 'on the back'... The lady in the bed next to mine hadn't knitted for donkey's years but intends to try again. I hope she's made it!  

 I made the third blanket by beginning to use up all the oddments of a few yards of wool which I couldn't bear to throw away. I based it on a Quilt As You Go design where each individual square is randomly pieced diagonally then put together in a pattern. I chose this diamond (again) design as it seemed to fit better into a small space. Each square measures about 6". The downside is it has to be crocheted together...

Now what can I do???

At least the snow has gone today, there's a blue sky and sunshine although it's still only 4 degrees C. outside.
The bird feeders are filled - again - the empty half coconut shells which contained suet are replaced and a scoop of bird seed thrown on the path for the blackbirds and one solitary (this year) pied wagtail to use. I had a surprise last evening just as I was packing up to go to bed. I turned on the patio light to see if it had started to rain and there was a badger licking up the bird seed which has been hidden under the snow. I've fetched peanuts from the bottom shed and put a handful or two under the 'cage'meant to keep large birds off seed etc. I know the badger can lift the cage with its snout so I'll find out whether it comes back again tonight. Never a dull moment.


Kath said...

I love all your knitted projects Silve, they're so colourful!
How lovely that you inspired that lady to knit again, maybe you should show your knitting to the junior school and get another generation inspired.

crafty cat corner said...

I'm so glad you did this post on the blankets for the cats and dogs. I have often thought it would be good to make small blankets whilst watching tv, something to pick up and put down with a purpose on the end of it.
What sort of size do they need to be and where do you send them, it is something I would love to do.
Love the colours and especially the diamond one.

Bernard said...

"I can knit without looking at what I'm doing."
Gosh! For a horrible moment I thought you were going to say - "Drive without looking at what I'm doing!"
No, I'm only joking - I'm glad to hear the optician gave you the ok.
On the question of 'cat blankets' (I know nothing of dog's taste), but......all the cat's I have ever known, use a place to sleep about three times and then move on! I remember years ago buying one of those 'De-luxe' cat beds from the pet-shop for £16.
Three sleeps in it, and then onto something new - like a (free) cardboard box from Sainsburys! I do hope those 'pampered pussies' make much more use of your artistic masterpieces. :)

Helsie said...

I love all your blankets and what a great way of using up your scraps. Sorry to hear about the cataracts... are you having them removed? These days the surgery is fairly trouble free with wonderful results.

marilyn said...

The cats will love the blankets! Mine adore the ones my mom made from scraps of afghan yarn. You are doing a very good deed.

Sylve said...

Hallo ladies - and gent! Nice to hear from you all. Sorry I've been some days answering but didn't have a very good weekend, I think I'm OK now, though.
Briony, I don't know whether there's a set size which Battersea require, this was going by eye, really. I'm waiting to hear they've got them. If you want to knit small projects I think the local vet might know where to take them; a cat rescue place, perhaps, might like some. Hope you find somewhere to donate them.
Bernard, m'dear, I agree with you about house cats moving around but when they're waiting for homes moggies are separated into pens or runs so not much choice. One of my strays, years ago, used to sleep in the conservatory in a box of straw...
Helsie, I hope you're not caught up in the floods. Weather seems to be upset across the world just recently. The next time I visit the doctor I'll ask about seeing a consultant for the cataracts. They're OK at the moment, though.
Hallo Marilyn. You sound as if you a cat lover! They give us a lot of pleasure so we tend to pamper them.
I miss mine now they've all gone.

Anonymous said...

The animal recue centres here use towels I guess because they are easier to wash and dry...I always take out "├Âld"ones there.

Oh nad Its me.. mum

Sylve said...

Hallo Nonymous, I have taken in towels in the past but I haven't learned to knit a towel yet. I used to take in newspapers to the vet for use in the cages but don't have any now.
Thanks for leaving your message...