Thursday, 13 December 2012



Here's my latest creation, made in about 5 1/2 weeks. It's not as difficult as it looks because you work on 31 stitches ar a time - one of the diamonds. I used DK wool and a No.8 circular needle, which meant that the weight of the knitting was on my lap. Not something you'd want to make in the summer months! It measures 4' x 4' and I'll use it as a throw on the back of the sofa. No sewing together but 400+ tails to sew in - sometime!!!

 I have no idea how to 'cancel' the large amount of white space below here as it won't highlight, so, sorry, another How Do You...


Helsie said...

Try placing the cursor at the end of your writing and then hit the delete key repeatedly until the space is deleted.
Love the throw !!!

marigold jam said...

Fabulous and so cheerful and bright for a winter's evening cuddled up on the settee!

Bernard said...

On the top left hand side of your new blog page you will see two tabs.
'Compose' & 'HTML'
If you click on HTML you will see the codes used for 'carriage returns' and similar controls characters.
At the bottom of the blog I expect you may see -

These are all the blank lines - just delete a few (or highlight most of them and press delete).
Then when you go back to the 'Compose' tab, the blanks should have disappeared.
Try it on a test blog first to see how it works (& don't publish).

Bernard said...

Ha,ha,ha! It appears that the codes that I typed in produce 'blank lines' in the comment section too!
They look like
< b r / >
< b r / >
< b r / >
but without the spaces/gaps!
Lets see if this works?
If not I'll send you a email.

Kath said...

I love that throw Silve, In fact I love the dangly tails too, maybe you should leave them dangling!

Sylve said...

Helsie, it worked.Now to remember it for next time - there will be one! Bernard, you think I'm much more technical than I am, but thanks for trying.
I'm pleased that everyone likes the throw. I'm sure it's the kind of thing you could do as a group, just passing it round and everyone contributing their own choice of wool. Each diamond takes such a tiny amount of wool, the amount you imagine wouldn't be any use at all. I'm back to knitting another Battersea D & C Home blanket, using a quilt pattern like QAYG, more odds and ends. Can't bear to throw anything away...
Don't think I'll tempt children with the 'tails', Kath, asking for trouble???