Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I was in Thame this afternoon and, because I can now park 'anywhere' with my Blue Badge, I stopped in front of this shop.
I had to go and look at this display in the window to see if his tum was gently moving and it was - so a real, alive and very happy moggy taking advantage of the sunshine.
I asked the young man in the cycle-type shop what the cat's name was - it's Frank.

It just tickled me that he's underneath an item for sale with THE BOSS on it and the orange sunburst notice says 'Limited Stock £29.99'.
He's not for Sale, I was told!!!


marigold jam said...

Cats know how to be comfortable anywhere don't they!

Bernard said...

I know that shop, but I've never seen anything like that.
Now fancy you going over there on a Wednesday - no market to rake around! I must get over there one day, I need a new hat from the 'man in the market', but Barb keeps saying she isn't up to the travelling.
Oh,by the way,thanks for the 'story tale' you sent me. Whose turn is it for emails? I'm all out of sorts and out of sync. Hum...Ho, such is life!

Kath said...

I'm coming back as a cat!

Sylve said...

Jane, do you know the poem that begins, 'Cats sleep anywhere, Any table, any chair...'? Any shop window, too!
Bernard, he was so un-moving he wasn't easy to spot with all the other items in the window. Glad I did, though.I can't get a disabled spot outside Thame library on Tuesdays, already taken when I get there, this Tuesday I was at the dentist, luckily, or I wouldn't have spotted Frank yesterday. I hope you got a smile out of the story...and I reckon it's my turn from 18th October - sending the story threw me...will catch up shortly.
Only a cat in a good home, Kath, not a stray...