Saturday, 29 September 2012


 It was my Birthday on Thursday. During the morning, much to my surprise, my eldest granddaughter arrived with her husband and 2 year old son, carrying a cake for me. I just never have birthday cakes. This was made to resemble a patchwork quilt, all made in 4 colours of fondant icing impressed with patterns to indicate that it was a patchwork quilt, not just a quilt or bedcovering. Round the edges are buttons, which Alex, Diana's son, was intrigued by. I don't own a tin that would take a cake this large so I've kept the cake carrier for the time being.
Here's the pattern of the 'material' used on the quilt.

An old school friend, the only one I keep in touch with, sent me this nice gift of flowers. 'I think someone's sent you an orchid,' said the postman...We've known each other since the 1940s when we were both at Grammar School and Yvonne would just scramble into Assembly by the skin of her teeth!  I phoned her later to say Thanks and spent almost 1 1/2 hours chatting, which we just don't do! It's only recently we've been emailing rather than sending snail mail letters.
In the evening Stuart, Helen, James and Sarah took me to a local Chinese restaurant which we have all used before. It's practical for me as, being a vegetarian, there aren't many places round Aylesbury which do a choice of items for 'us'. The table was covered with dishes yet there was nothing left for a 'doggy bag' as I think we all had Hollow Legs!

 Sarah had asked a friend (17 years old!) to make me a Birthday Cake and Knitting was chosen as the theme. I haven't even started that one yet and I understand it's chocolate inside...
The family had also given me this pair of lovely turquoise/jade/kingfisher shoes, which are exactly the same style as the red ones I bought earlier this year. Sarah had recently asked whether the red ones were comfortable and, as I said Yes, they decided to buy the 'other' colour which is still available for a week or two. Sarah still works in Oxford Schuh shop once a week so knows what's still in stock. She worked in the Southampton branch for 3 years when she was at Uni and is now back with the Oxford shop for a day while she works in an office...
A friend I taught with is now a guide at Waddesdon Manor and gave me an A4 book with gardening topics on the cover so I can end this year with a new book, ready to begin next year. I'm getting rid of the pond as I can longer look after it properly, that'll be the main item in my new Gardening Diary.
Some of the plants have already gone - Diana's husband fought with a water lily and managed to get it out of the pond, cotton grass went, too and some water mint which had grown roots into the mud. The fish will be fun to catch....
I enjoyed my Birthday as I also had emails from blogger friends wishing me Happy Birthday.
What a lovely lot you are!!!!!


Kath said...

Happy Birthday SIlve, glad you had a nice time. I love the way the patches are all decorated with different patterns, just like a patchwork quilt! The knitting cake is a masterpiece, how clever for a 17 year old young lady.
Forget the diet for a while :-D

marigold jam said...

Glad yu had a good birthday and those cakes are both stunning. Hope you manage to eat them all though I am guessing they might freeze if you don't have enough visitors to help you eat them before they go stale. I love you shoes - I am having problems with finding shoes that are comfy lately and those are so quirky I love them. Am off to look up the website (if they have one)!

Bernard said...

What a talented bunch your friends and family are.
The 'Quilted' cake is fantastic and I was amazed at the work that had gone into both this and the 'knitting' of the marzipan or is it a sort of icing?
A few thousand calories there Silvie, but who cares when it's your Birthday!
Have you thought of making the pond into a 'Bog Garden'?
That is what I have done with my ponds. Frogs and toads just love it.

Sylve said...

Hallo, my friends,
Thank you for your comments - I thought the cakes were amazing, too. Teresa has just begun making this type of cake and hopes to make some money from it, getting passed from one person to another by word-of-mouth. E eryone has a talent for something and I intend to do a blog on my Craft-y descendants 'soon'.
A bog garden? I hadn't thought about that, just intended to get rid of it completely. I'll have to look on Google for instructions.
I was wondering about the frogs and a toad which comes by from time to time. Sounds like the school reading book - Frog and Toad who were a couple of friends!
Angiogram tomorrow though Helen says as I'm NHS this time I should get stents at the same time if needed. Her Dad has his done like that. Never ending, ain't it???