Sunday, 8 July 2012


I went out to lunch on Friday at my friend, Sheila's, house in Chesham where her sister and two friends were also invited. I'd met the ladies before, bar one, who had come as the (young) Homeward Journey driver as Sheila's sister can't manage both directions. Incidentally, just for a change I wasn't the 'baby' of this group...! They're all several years older than me! And all quilters, too.

Sheila has made, over time, three wall hangings for the four seasons - Autumn is yet to come. Not so easy taking photos in someone elses house, is it? This is Spring, which she was reluctant to offer for show since she doesn't like the arrangement of the flowers.

 The one below shows Summer, more of a stained glass effect. The white dots in the centre of the panel are yachts with full sails.

This shows Winter with rabbits hopping about in the snow. The panel is made in horizontal strips but don't ask me how it's done and the trees are also incorporated.  

 This bag is made to take a cutting mat, rotary cutter and all the other bits and pieces needed when you go out to sew, again made by Sheila.
 She's very much into Christmas items and the Christmas Wreath is packed with these little shapes, not skimpy at all.
 The quilt below was made by Sheila's sister and shows different colours of poppies in three bands.
Very clever work but not the kind of quilt I'd ever attempt, I'd get bored with the same things to stitch time after time. But a nice piece of work. I'm too much of a 'That'll Do' stitcher...
I thought it was going to be a real Show and Tell day but didn't quite turn out like that. Never mind.
We talked non-stop, as you can imagine. We're all getting old, so don't know how many more get-togethers we'll have. And driving becomes difficult, too.
Ho hum.


Kath said...

splendid show! I loved the winter wall hanging especially.

marigold jam said...

Lovely quilts. I laughed when you said you are a That'll do sort of stitcher. This was something about the Brits that the French ladies just couldn't understand - I am sure they don't have words in their vocabulary for That'll do nor Good enough!!

Sylve said...

Thanks for leaving your comments, I'll pass them on to my friends. Not bad for ladies in their 8th decade...?