Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I thought the beech hedge was getting out of hand, much too exuberant, a bit like a 'bad hair day'. It had got too much for Gillian to reach so I asked one of the tree fellers if he'd come and cut it for me.

He brought the tools he needed to do the job and it now looks neat and ready to sprout red shoots again. He also took away all the cuttings which filled, I think, three of those builders' merchant's bags - a cubic metre in each?

I had a hedgehog holly which had been in a pot for 15 years - another thing we couldn't manage on our own - so that was extracted, a spot chosen, the hole layered with goodies - fertilisers etc - and this poor spindly shrub has been planted, giving it a second chance. Another job done which would have taken us forever. And it's more or less rained every day since...

Remember the Crazy Circles Quilt I blogged two or three blogs ago? I went to Cuddington Fete on Saturday (sat under brollies in the rain before it opened) then laid out our wares once the sun came out - and sold that quilt. I'd made mini knitted teddies, too, just 4 of them, but they all sold, pocket money toys. Brenda sold a rag rug, too, much to her delight as she wouldn't have to take it home and look after it!

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Bernard said...

"Ho hum" Silve.
Of course you do realize that using another's 'saying', is really a compliment, and I of course always meant it to be so.
I'm glad to hear your tree feller fellah sorted things out for you and filled those cubic metre? (yes 39") bags.
I also thought of you on Saturday, sitting under those unopened brollies in the rain. I was hoping to come over to Cuddington on Saturday but so many things clash at the moment.
Thanks for for your latest email.