Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Skies are everychanging scenery but how often do we look and really see? This was a brilliant display of oranges, golds, pinks and blues with clouds edged with light - lovely. 8.15 in the evening.
This afternoon there were huge 'ice cream' clouds which provided thunder, another h-u-g-e downpour to follow the one which marooned Gillian in the shed at the bottom of the garden at lunchtime - why do we always talk about the weather? And it's not even Flaming June any more!


marigold jam said...

Lovely photo Sylvie. We have been lucky today and it's sunshine all the way this afternoon though we had a couple of heavy showers this morning. Of course we talk about the weather it's always changing.

Kath said...

Great photo. We couldn't really see the sunset when we lived at Stoke because of the trees.
Now I watch it every night from the side of this hill.
Hope you had some good weather today, as we did.

Helsie said...

Great photo! You have to have clouds to get these fantastic sky photos ... and of course a bit of sun.