Thursday, 5 April 2012


On Tuesday, granddaughter Sarah took me to Oxford to buy shoes in a Schuh shop - being the usual Sod's Law, they didn't have my size. Being the thoughtful girl she is, and knowing how slowly I walk these days, she borrowed a folding wheelchair from a friend of the family's mother and took that for me to ride in. It's interesting to see how the crowds part as you approach...
It wasn't a very warm day before we started and I can now understand why people in a chair have a blanket round their knees - you certainly need one! It was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!
The car in the background is there deliberately. Sarah owns it now, an old Honda Civic which has done plenty of miles in the last three years hacking up and down to Southampton Uni. It has a nice big boot and is so easy to drive. You can't see it but it's plastered with stickers from Newquay - surfing - car adverts and anything else that was on offer. It was mine for quite a few years before Sarah acquired it and has carried plenty of things from car boots back home to sort out. Before that - and when it was brand new - it was owned by Sarah's other Grandma. 'Three careful lady owners' or words to that effect!


Kath said...

I see you are wearing those shoes that I like! glad you had an enjoyable, if chilly, day out.

Bernard said...

I bought a lightweight folding WC! No,no,no!
Wrong abbreviation - wheel chair. I take it everywhere when I take Barb out. She is ok to walk, but not, half a mile. Have you noticed how shops never provide seats anymore?(except Shoo shops). I can remember going 'up the shops' with my Gran. There was always a seat at the counters in those days.
And the money flew overhead in little tins along wires!
Great days - great service!
As a 'WC' pusher, I have also noticed how people move to one side - BUT I have also noticed how every little crack in the pavement can shake both of us about.
The worst are the cobbled pavements in Old Amersham!

Bernard said...

Your noooo PC is now showing me the right time of my comment. :D

Dutch Duo said...

Hi Mum. nice to see you wore you "Dutch Coat"..I thought yo said to e you didn't "do"handbags..looks like one on your lap..Glad you had a nice day with Sarah..I'll have to organise a Rolstoel (Wheel chair) for you when your here.

Sylve said...

Hi, Kath, those shoes still fit after 35 years or so.
Bernard, I love the idea of taking a folding WC with you when you take Barbara out - you never know when they'll come in handy!
You're right about the cracks in the pavement - the chair followed whatever the terrain was so lopsided at times.
Yes, please, Teresa, it'll be very useful for 'long' walks.