Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Some more wildlife which turned up this afternoon about quarter to four. The cat is the pest from next door, the pedigree Bengal cat, which is so curious it might just come to a sticky end.... I had had a jacket potato for a quick lunch and had already put out the skins, which would have smelled of butter and cheese, ready for part of the badger's supper later on. There was some peel from a pear which I'd had for 'afters', too.  I had seen the fox on the patio for a few nights this last week or so but a fox is much more wary that the badger. The slightest movement and it's gone  so I hadn't been able to take a photo. It's obligingly turned up in real daylight, how kind of it! I think the badger might be missing his supper as this fox also eats all the peanuts I scatter on the patio! (The blurry portion on the left is because it's my cream sofa's reflection in the patio door.)

I wondered if this is a vixen with cubs somewhere nearby when I saw this photo on the computer screen - and is that mange as well?
I wonder what will turn up next - it'll have to be l-o-t warmer for the grass snake to reappear.


Bernard said...

Fantastic close up pictures Sylvie. I've never managed to get that close to a fox.
It looks like a female to me, it has wee nipples does it not? (I'm no expert on things like this - only what I read in books.)

Kath said...

Fabulous photos, I'm amazed the cat stayed there like that. I'd agree about the vixen having cubs, it certainly makes them daring and determined to get food.

Dutch Duo said...

Lucky you....badgers, jays, deers and foxes all that nature in your garden...I reallymiss all that,, such an urban garden here.

Sylve said...

Book learning is a wonderful thing, Bernard!
Kath - the cat has no fear - I bought a sonic gun to keep it away from the pond - it's interested in the scream of sound and plays with the red laser dot...likes water so can't even get rid of it like that.
Teresa - don't get deer as there's no way in for them but anything that flies or is 'low' enough can get in through the concealed entrance to the field.

Sylve said...

PS I should say photos are taken with me in my armchair about 8' from the window.

Leanne said...

whoa! brave puss! the fox looks skinny, and that looks like teats- i would say its a vixen with cubs hidden somewhere,. hence being braver in the search for food.

Leanne x

Jan Blawat said...

I love that cat's attitude, I know it must annoy you, but isn't it confident? I'd love having wildlife like that around my house if it weren't for the chickens they all love to eat.

Sylve said...

Leanne, I sent this photo to the RSPCA asking if the dark patch was likely to be mange - their reply was No but fox looked wellfed - it's all those peanuts! Trotted up the path yesterday afternoon but too early to find food. The cat was jumping all over it wanting to play.
Jan, I don't know about confident, I think foolhardy suits the cat better!!

crafty cat corner said...

Your fox is beautiful and in good condition, I would say he doesn't have mange, we have had them in the garden with mange and it generally starts at the rear end and the base of the tail. This one looks fine to me.
I wonder if something has happened to its mate and it is having to find food for itself and the cubs?

Our cats sit on the roof of next doors garage and watch the fox with no fear.
The old stray that comes around and picks over the fox food is a match for the fox. We watched them having a scrap one evening and the fox was the one to back off. I should think a cat could badly injure a foxes face and the fox cannot afford to have a wound.

If you do see a fox with mange you can get homeopathic drops to put on food, just a few drops each night to cure it, you can get them from here.
It's a horrible thing and eventually kills the fox.
We have treated lots of foxes with these drops and they do work.
Happy fox watching
sorry its such a long comment. lol