Thursday, 3 November 2011


Do you get these charity bags dropping through your letter box every so often? They seem to come in waves; one arrives then three more turn up. They come from all kinds of charities asking you to put your bric a brac, jewellery, clothes, CD and DVDs, handbags, toys, shoes, books and knitwear outside on your doorstep to be collected on a specified date.
I don't put out anything. I'd rather give to a village jumble since I gave up putting things on eBay several years ago. But now that Gillian works for a charity shop in Thame I'm collecting a bag of 'downsizing' which she can take into her shop.
The charities which have donated these plastic bags are The Salvation Army (2), British Heart Foundation (2), NSPCC, Shaw Trust and Little Treasures Children's Trust. I've never heard of the latter charity. I don't know how I got the Bagline bag...
However, they are useful bags, though not very robust; they're OK to take my knitted blankets to the lady in the village whose son is connected with Burmese charities, for storing clothes away and for other lightweight work. The bags aren't wasted, just used differently.
What do you use your charity bags for???

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Kath said...

All sorts of things, taking stuff to the charity shop, storing out of season clothes, collecting old tee-shirts for my clippy rugs, bagging up paperbacks for my neighbours, apples for friends, these bags never go to waste.
Some bags aren't from registered charities, so I prefer to take it in person to the charity shop, where I can register for gift aid.